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Holistic, Essential, Hand-crafted

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I love the products Magpie Alchemy has created. Their Panda CBD balm has helped tremendously with my migraines and muscle pain. Their shower melts help so amazingly when I am feeling run down. I go in for a monthly massage and the CBD massage oil that Magpie Alchemy has created makes my body feel so relaxed. You can tell they put so much love into the products they create.
— Ashley C
From the foaming hand soaps, to the luxurious bar soaps and amazing massage oils, every time I use Magpie products I feel like I am treating myself. As a cancer survivor I feel so good about putting Magpie products on my body because I know they are made from all natural ingredients, and I can trust them. They work amazingly, they all smell so deliciously divine, and you can feel the love that they were made with. I’m a forever customer, for sure.
— Angela O
THAT PANDA BALM IS A MIRACLE!!! I was trying to schedule a massage because my neck and shoulders were like concrete, (I’m moving stress). I was panicking because the first available appointment wasn’t until Tuesday, then I remembered this. Tension - GONE within minutes!
— Robert B
Panda Balm Muscle Rub:
The Panda Balm Muscle Rub is part of my after workout recovery method. I am a busy athlete so I seek out the best help I can get to relieve muscle pains between dance and competitive powerlifting. I also want to be conscious of the substances I use for my body and the environment. The muscle rub has a subtle and pleasant scent. When applied to my chest it almost feels like Vicks but not so overwhelming. I mostly use it on my lats, traps, quads and hamstrings after I have worked out as well as before a body work session with a massage therapist. It provides a cooling sensation when used and relaxes my muscles so I can recover for the next workout. It’s not oily or messy so I don’t worry about it getting on my clothes.

CBD Massage Oil:
As stated before I like being conscious of the substances I use for myself for various reasons and I can trace the sources of all ingredients easily. I started using the CBD massage oil on my neck and shoulders after realizing I hold tension there because I sit at a desk staring at a computer at my day job. Sometimes I’m in a constant shrug. The CBD will relax my shoulders which allows me to check in with my body and realign my posture to reset my desk to a more ergonomic design (sometimes I stand or sit so I’ll move it around a lot). Very effective. I’m sure if I used this on my whole body I will fall asleep.
— Jaden M

 Equal Parts Science + Love.

Our process is simple. We use the old school process of combining nourishing oils + lye, called Saponification. We tailor the types of oils we use to create super cleansing, natural soaps. 

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