About The Alchemists

We are: Equal Parts Science + Love.

Magpie Alchemy is a labor of love. We have a passion for science, art and creating new things. We express this by crafting products that are good for you, inside and out.

Our journey began when our beautiful daughter Maggie, who we lovingly call Magpie, was born.  We wanted to take charge of our family's health and chose to limit exposure to the chemicals and artificial ingredients found in the products we use every day. We studied how our ancestors were using the healing power of plants that come naturally from Mother Earth to take care of their bodies.

With a lot of research, creativity and love in our hearts we made our first hand-crafted soaps. Once the word got out about our products, more people wanted to try it, and within a few weeks, Magpie Alchemy Soaps was born. Since then, we’ve been blessed - using a variety of tools from our plant friends to expand our product line-up, and help others be more healthy, thus evolving into Magpie Alchemy.

Our logo represents US. The triangle not only represents the Earth, Sky and Humanity, but also, Mother, Father, and Child… Us! The feather is a symbol of transcendence and spiritual evolution. Together there’s nothing better to represent our Family and our Company.

We hope you all enjoy our products and can feel all the love we put into them.