From Bow to Stern

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In one month, we built this business from our home. Design, photography, products, website and logo...from bow to stern with the mission to provide natural products.

It all started when we attended the documentary screening of Endo What?, a film and powerful tool about Endometriosis. Jamie has suffered from this debilitating disease for almost 13 years and now we want to make it a goal to raise awareness about this disease. Reducing your chemical load is one step to gaining back our health. We are exposed to so many chemicals on a daily basis - making natural products is our form of activism.

Please shop for natural products for yourself and consider buying one of our Endo Sister products. 10% of the earnings from these soap bars will go to the NorCal Endo Events group, who despite having the disease, fight tirelessly to raise awareness, organize community events and provide support to so many other women.  It is colored with yellow to represent the yellow Endometriosis Awareness Flag. These soap bars will be available on our online store in 2 weeks. 

We urge you to please visit to learn more.

This launch is dedicated to our beloved daughter and namesake, Magpie as well as the millions of #endosisters worldwide.

Magpie Alchemy