Labor of LOVE

labor of love_800.jpg

We are so happy to bring in 2017 with fresh energy to create and develop our craft. We truly believe that making handcrafted products that are a treat to all of our senses.

We are so happy to announce a re-stock of some of the customer favorites, along with plenty of new products!

This winter has been particularly cold and harsh on our bodies. We decided to create soothing and nourishing soaps and lotions to help soothe dry skin but also provide a little bit of a smile to your face. It's MUCH needed post holidaze and with all the changes to our social landscape. We all need a little bit more love, a little bit more care, more art and beauty <3 

Along with our handcrafted, cold process soaps, we also have created moisturizing and silky lotions. 

Please stay tuned and check back this week for the release of tons of new products!

Here are some images of what we have been busy making:) 

Thank you all for following us on our soaping journey. 2016 was an amazing year. We can't wait to share this ride with you all in 2017!

Magpie Alchemy